My Iris Holiday Edit

  1. Wash bag | By Iris
  2. Hat | By Iris
  3. Bracelet | By Iris
  4. Dress | Ulla Johnson
  5. Trousers | By Iris
  6. Blouse | By Iris
  7. Bag | Vanessa Bruno
  8. Jumpsuit | By Iris
  9. Dress | By Iris
  10. Skirt | BA&SH
  11. Bag | A.P.C
  12. Bracelet | By Iris
  13. Dress | By Iris
  14. Top | BA&SH
  15. Jacket | By Iris
  16. Bag | Fabienne Chapot
  17. Jeans | Paige
  18. Sandals | K.Jacques
  19. Blouse | See by Chloé
  20. Dress | La Vie
  21. Blouse | Isabel Marant Étoile
  22. Earrings | By Iris
  23. Sandals | Isabel Marant

As many of you already know, Iris is one of my favourite independent boutiques in London (and there’s one in Amersham, Buckinghamshire too). I pretty much love everything about my local (Chiswick) store. Most of my favourite designers and brands under one roof; a lovely, laid-back environment to shop; helpful, friendly staff who are happy to help and advise, but not pushy; no pressure to buy (definitely no annoying, over-zealous hovering outside the changing room – my absolute pet hate!! I live in fear that at any moment that are going to whip back the curtain to reveal myself, mid-change, wearing my worst Mrs Doubfire underwear to the rest of the shop… That’s possibly just me though??); and it’s virtually impossible to leave empty-handed (and I’m not necessarily talking big ‘splurges’ either – they have the loveliest selection of affordable accessories – I always like to have a little snoop in the cabinet at the till area -there are always some real gems in there). Arguably this is not necessary always a good thing though?

I guess it just feels very Little Spree – the buying, the merchandising – it has all the ingredients that I have, and like to have in my own wardrobe – denim and khaki; pretty folky/hippie style dresses, tops, skirts and jewellery; a great mix of feminine vs tomboy elements; pretty prints and washed-out colours… You get the idea.

Anyway, so what better place to do a one-stop shop for your holiday? I’m not talking about buying a whole new ‘holiday wardrobe’ here (unless you happen to be in the market for one?) – I’m talking about the odd piece of two to add in to your existing Summer wardrobe. I alway like to treat myself to a couple of things for my holiday (or even just the Summer – you don’t have to be actually going somewhere to justify a little wardrobe treat…) – that I can get excited about wearing. It can be anything from a gorgeous printed dress (I am in LOVE with this print! Sadly my boobs weren’t), or a great pair of go-with-everything sandals (I gave up taking half a suitcase of shoes on holiday years ago – I just live in the same couple of pairs of flat sandals – that’s all ever need…), or a pair of pretty earrings. And the best bit it that almost all of these pieces that I have selected (they are not pieces that Iris have chosen or have asked me to push/promote by the way – I could choose to share whatever I liked (which is another reason I love working with them) are now on sale. So there are some great bargains to be had (and still plenty of sizes left too I noticed).
There are so just many things on this website that I love and want to share, but I won’t as I think it will be just too overwhelming (an after all, I am a Fashion Editor…). So have a little scroll for yourself – I love that you can search by colour, as well as by brand or item. Most helpful when you’re short on time (and who isn’t these days??). Or simply check out my edit above. And if you want to know what I chose for myself, here you go (I will be sharing more pics on Instagram soon)… This dreamy dress, these trousers (actually, you may already have seen me wearing these on Instagram Stories?) – I wear mine cuffed), this little bag, this shoes (ok, so not necessary for my holiday, but I always love a red shoe and these have the perfect heel height for everyday, and the perfect skinny ankle strap – great with cropped jeans, and perfect for going into Autumn later on…), this jumpsuit (super-comfy – I sized up and ditched the belt, as always!), and this dress (hand-picked for me by lovely Annie, co-owner of Iris – she knows me so well! Size down as it comes up quite roomy…), this necklace, and these sandals (you know how much I love a tan sandal…).

Happy Holidays!

Sarah xx

ps: they also have a small, but perfectly formed kids’ edit, stocking some of my favourite brands for minis. Tabitha has this dress, which she loves and is currently wearing all the time.

pps: they’re  great for gifts too. I love these little cloth zip-up bags (I have tons of them, from all sorts of places, from Zara Home to Bopnpoint…). I use them as washbags, make-up bags, bags to keep my phone and laptop chargers in – they’re great for travelling too. And for baby stuff. I told you, I’m obsessed! Also, gorgeous scented candles, cool (affordable!) cashmere cushions etc. etc.

*This post was created in collaboration with Iris*