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One thing I know for sure about my readers (i.e. you!) is that they have pretty broad spending habits. Whist some might think nothing of splurging on a Gucci raffia handbag (I was soooo jealous, as I couldn’t afford it…), others might earmark one item per season and save up for the spurge/treat. I also know that cheaper brands/clothes do not necessary mean people buy more of them, and care less about them. Personally I think I am a bit of a mix of you all! I sometimes spurge, I sometimes save (for the item on my ‘Lust List’, and I sometimes buy things that are cheap and cheerful. But what I don’t do, is buy into the theory that if something costs less, I might as well ‘buy it in every colour’ or ‘wear it a couple of times, then chuck it’. I buy expensive, I buy inexpensive, but I truly don’t value one more over the other. I just love what I love, regardless of the label. I have high street pieces in my wardrobe that I treasure, and wear and wear on repeat; many of which I have had for years.
So when  Matalan  approached me about  collaborating  with them again, this time with their Winter collection, I will admit I did hesitate. It is considered by some to be a ‘fast fashion’ brand, and fast fashion is not something I practise or endorse (and that is not just a recent thing either, as most of you will know). But the truth is, I approach all collaborations and posts in exactly the same way –  I simply  choose the pieces that I love the most and feel are the absolute best things to share with you. And I never agree to any collaboration now until I have done a full ‘audit’ of the collection (and yes, I have turned many  down, after concluding that there was nothing I would be seen dead in, let alone be seen sharing on my website!). And I don’t mind admitting that I was surprised how many things  there were that I really liked! And no, the quality is never going to be the same as say, something I might already own from Isabel Marant. But that doesn’t mean the cheaper pieces don’t have a place in your/my wardrobe/life/lives. And it’s also worth reminding ourselves that not everyone can afford the same things as others. So while some of you might treat yourself to a Sézane jumper with a pretty collar, others might like to know that they can buy this one (one of my favourite pieces from my edit) from Matalan for £16.00. To each their own. Sustainable fashion is about being careful about what you buy, so you’re  not immediately discarding.  If you make careful choices, you can do this on any budget.

Sarah xx

ps: this reversible jacket is my other favourite piece. Light, but cosy. I love it with the cuffs turned up. It’s a keeper for sure. And yes, it is as good on the inside as it is on the outside.

pps: this post  is clearly about womenswear, but Matalan have some great  home pieces too. I chose this rug (now reduced to  just £70.00) and this side table for my last post, and still love them. Nothing ‘throwaway’ about either of  them I can assure  you!

*This is a paid-for post, in collaboration with Matalan. All items were chosen by me,  and all words, as always, are my own*

Photography: Georgie Clarke