Hair Ribbons

I have always loved ribbons – anywhere and everywhere. A bit like my basket obsession, I try to incorporate a ribbon wherever and whenever I possibly can in my life (for me, a present literally looks naked without one). Ribbons are just so pretty and somehow just make everything a little bit lovelier to look at it. I have dabbled in wearing ribbon in my hair at various junctures of my life, and one of them was just on Tuesday. This time I just pulled the front section of my hair (the curtains as I call them) back and secured it, slightly off centre, with a little hair band (if you’re not sure you’re ready for a ribbon, you can just use a plain gold slide/barette instead). I then just tied a (double-sided – always go for the quality ribbon) piece of black satin ribbon around it. I decided not to tie a bow that time (Tom gave me a ‘look’), but sometimes I do. I also love a messy, low ponytail with a longer piece of ribbon tied around (a velvet ribbon works well here).
Personally I love the mix of a ribbon/bow with something either really dressed up (a velvet dress with a Peter Pan collar for example) or something really dressed down (a scruffy band t-shirt and jeans/cut-offs). Anything in between just feels like it’s trying too hard for me. Oh and don’t worry about making the ribbon or bow look too perfect – you want it to be a bit uneven, a bit loose, a bit ‘undone’. Anyway, enough of my waffle, I am certainly no authority when it comes to doing my hair and makeup, so I’m not sure why you’d even listen to me, I’m not sure I would – I’m pretty rubbish at doing both! But for me, this quick and easy little addition to my day-to-day look is a most welcome one. Anything low maintenance and easy to do always gets my vote.
Since my favourite style icons for this look are both french – Catherine Deneuve (if you’ve never seen Belle du Jour, you need too!) and Brigitte Bardot, I decided to pull a few pieces together for that gallic chic we are all  (I’m not alone am I?) always lusting after…

Sarah xx

ps: V V Rouleux is THE go-to ribbon shop. It’s the ‘ribbon mecca’. I always head there whenever I need some ribbon for a shoot. My personal favourites are the most simple, black velvet and black satin. Grosgrain also always look chic, but it’s stiffer, so not always so good for a bow. John Lewis is where I buy my ribbon (and Tabitha’s for school) from (you can get a whole reel (they no longer sell by the metre). They don’t seem to have black satin online, but I got mine in the Kingston store. I would go for a width of 20 or 25mm.