September Beads

I found a little cotton drawstring back in one of my bedroom drawers the other day. When I looked inside I found all my bracelets from last Summer, that I had bought in Italy. A mix of mostly shells (SO many shells – I think I was a little obsessed…), turquoise, and leather friendship bracelets, and my favourite shell antique charm bracelet scored in the night market in Sarzana, which I’d forgotten I even had!). And seeing them again immediately transported me back to last year’s holiday, and to the various places (tiny shops/market stalls in Siena, Lucca, Porto Venere) in Italy where I bought them. I have kept them out to pack for this year’s Italian trip (I leave on Friday), but I also have a new arm candy crush. A recent discovery via Instagram as it happens. So pretty, and so lovely for Summer, and Summer holidays. I love that you can personalise them with your child’s name (or indeed anyone’s name you fancy?), and you can choose pretty much any colour and combination of shells/charms. They’d make the loveliest gift too.
And they are the perfect addition to this Summer’s ‘holiday stack’.

You can order here 

Sarah xx

ps: they’re so new they’re still working on their website. I kind of love that!