Summer Accessories

Fun fact. I am accessory-obsessed. Jewellery, bags, shoes, scarves, hair bands… from as early as I can remember I have been addicted to the pieces that dress up a look. While I prefer timeless, streamlined silhouettes for clothes, when it comes to accessories, it’s often a case of the bolder the better. I love the juxtaposition of a classic piece with punchy earrings or playful shoes. Accessories are also the easiest way to bring your look instantly up to date (without having to part with a vast sum of money).
While I love iconic designs like Chanel’s 2.55 bag and Cartier’s love bangle or tank watch, I am generally not that interested in labels or logos when it comes to accessories. I’ve never invested in ‘It’ bags or the shoe of the season, I much prefer discovering interesting styles from little-known labels. I think this was something I picked up in my styling days, when I was often sent off on a hunt for the right finishing touches for the senior stylists’ stories. I used to trawl through the boutiques scattered across Sydney in search of the perfect pair of resin earrings (Dinosaur Designs was my go-to) or the right oversized straw hat (most often found at Hatmaker). I soon realised that you can find amazing pieces in the most unlikely of places. This was of course, in the days before online shopping made everything readily available with just a few clicks. Nowadays Instagram is often where I find niche accessory brands.
With summer in full swing, this post is dedicated to my favourite holiday accessories. Whether it is a pair of cats eye sunglasses or playful earrings adorned with shells or hearts, these are the pieces that will switch up your warm-weather look. Plus, they’ll take up minimal space in your suitcase too.

Amanda X