Who Says Practical Can’t Be Chic?

This is a long one (unintentionally), so you might want to grab a cuppa/glass of wine…
I’m not much of a ‘bag whore’ if you know what I mean? I’m not one for chopping and changing my bag on a daily basis, or lusting after the latest ‘it bag’ (been there, done that in my twenties, and have the shitty Ebay sales to prove it…). I’m definitely more of what you might describe as a ‘serial monogamist’ when it comes to bags. When I fall for a bag, I fall HARD. I then like to commit fully and completely to said bag, but in return demand loyalty, dependency and zero drama from ‘the chosen one’ (i.e. it needs to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe). So you may (or may not, now) be surprised to learn that I actually own very few bags. But the ones I do own, I love, cherish and keep. I still love my trusty Jérome Dreyfus ‘Bobi’, and it’s probably one of my most-used bags ever. My most recent bag purchase was my Claire V ‘Pot du Miel’, and I have pretty much used it every day since it arrived. I totally love it (I even took it with me all the way to The Philippines with me last week, as an extra carry-on, even though it carries VERY little..), but I don’t think I’ll be using it for too much longer as Autumn is fast-approaching. It may (sadly, as we are still very much in the honeymoon period where nothing about it annoys me, even slightly…) need to go into hibernation for the Winter. And currently on my ‘lust list’ is this Isabel cross-body bag.
But I have other bag news – there’s a new (well, newish) bag label in town, and let me tell you, these gorgeous bags are as practical as they are chic (and trust me when I tell you, these are seriously chic bags!).  And for me, as a bit of a self-confessed scruff-bag, am rather partial to a chic bag to (hopefully!) pull things together a bit. Pannyy very kindly sent me the ‘Tilia’ wristlet recently (in red), and I actually decided to take it for a spin today/test drive today. A trip to London Zoo with six eight year olds (yikes) demanded a go-to, fail-safe, on-duty mama look, which normally requires some kind of cross-body bag situation. So I thought, let’s see if Tilia’s up to the task. I LOVE the shade of red – it’s so perfect (I am not a huge fan (HUGE understatement) of bright colours, but I have always, always loved a red shoe or bag, but only the right red), and the gold hardware (looks super-expensive and ‘polished’), particularly as I do wear so many neutrals (a print-clash is never going to happen on my watch…). It’s super-slim and light as a feather – you’re not getting a load of stuff in here ladies I’m not going to lie to you, but then it’s really not that kind of bag, and that’s what I love about it. So I got my (ok, Tabitha’s) little purse in, plus my phone, and that was all I needed (my keys would have fitted had they not been attached to a ridiculous fluorescent-pink pom pom keyring that I bought in Columbia). But when I go hands-free, I don’t want to cart loads of shit around with me; it’s all about the absolute essentials (like the picnic for eight – Tom had that covered in his rucksack – haha!). Also, a heavy hands-free bag is no one’s friend – SO uncomfortable! Anyway, I digress (as always). I loved it, and I loved it with my jeans, grey marl tee, trainers and khaki coat. Just enough colour for me. And it felt ‘special’. So it’s a thumbs up from me. Oh, and that zip was like a dream (who doesn’t love a smooth zip? Am I right ladies?) – as I haemorrhaged cash at the carousel, bouncy castle AND slide, believe me, that zip was tested to the limit!
And one of the things that really sets Pannyy’s beautiful bags apart from, well, all the other beautiful bags out there, is that they’re so much more than just beautiful. They are so considered and brilliantly designed (the interiors are every bit as chic as the exteriors) – the details are spot-on. They really do tick the (yes, a bit dull, admittedly) practical box (but, let’s be honest, as a mama these things suddenly become VERY important), but the style and design is all there too. Not such an easy combo to find (and honestly, I will chose style over functionality each and every time! But what if you didn’t have to?
Danielle ‘Pannyy’ Sassoon founded her accessories label with a desire to make leather products that were not only beautiful, but that offered a practical solution to the demands of work and family life (this was the hook I needed to peek my interest!), and at at not-to-scary price point (seriously, when did bags get so bloody expensive??). Having previously worked for Maxmara, Paul Smith and Aquascutum, Danielle was ready to bring her own inspired vision and incredible attention to detail together to create her own label. Her bags are modern, refined, feminine (but not girly), and super-chic. My favourites are the Betula boat bag, the Larch wristlet, the Cedar purse, and my Tilia wristlet (when I pop to the shops in the car, I often just grab my wallet for ease, but then end up balancing it awkwardly (usually under my chin!) at the self-checkout, as two pints of milk turn into three bags of shopping. So I love that it has the cross-body as well as the wristlet option (I’m a sucker for a multi-purpose anything!). I will also be ditching the shoulder strap altogether, and just using the wristlet when I go out for drinks/dinner. And amen to that.


Sarah xx