Cheap Frills (And Other Bargains)

Ruffled Dress | Weekday

Another day, another temptation. Oh and a ‘random new brand’ alert! Is it just me who hasn’t heard of Weekday? Why wasn’t it on my radar before now? Am I slow on the uptake? Or just a little late to the party? Anyway, they have some really great pieces (think Cos meets & Other Stories via Urban Oufitters, but cheaper), but I kind of ordered this dress out of curiosity – it looks so gorgeous in the picture, but if I’m honest I was dubious considering the price. But my natural curiosity (combined with the affordable price tag – always a deadly combination) proved irresistible. And let me tell you, it arrived yesterday and it’s SO lovely!! Beautiful colour green (a slightly darker green than it looks here), dreamy, floaty asymmetric ruffles (very Gucci-esque…), and lovely fabric… I ordered a ‘large’ as I thought it would be lovely and oversized (I was picturing wearing it with a tan flat sandal next Summer, or on a work trip – sorry!), but actually it’s a little too big, so I am waiting for the medium to arrive. I absolutely love the dress though, and can’t believe it was only £55.00. It looks SO much more expensive (in fact, I have a grey-blue ruffled dress from Isabel Marant that I bought before the twins (see, I’m a hardcore fan!!) that this one really reminds me of). I still wear it too!
So then I started a more thorough search of the website, and found a few more gorgeous pieces (love this cardigan!!). Watch this space!

Sarah xx