Cable Girl

Sunday Style is a little different today, as I feel that the last two were quite ‘meaty’ in terms of the amount of things I found. So this week I am focusing in on a little ‘mini trend’ that I have always loved and subscribed to – the humble cable (aka Aran) knit. So effortlessly cool and unassuming. I have a cream cable knit cardigan from Topshop that is so old I honestly can’t remember when I bought it. But I still love it, wear it (I love it with nothing underneath, worn with jeans), and get complimented on it all the time. Dressed up (with a sequinned skirt…), or down (jeans and ballet pumps/boots) they’re equally good. And there are tons around at the moment to choose from! One of my favourites is actually this one from Next.
I’ve also gathered together some pretty blouses to layer under your cables – just a little hint of a collar or cuff is always super-cute.

Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: this cardigan would be great chucked over a tee…