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I have worked with Lisa (makeup artist and mama to three (now grown up – no she doesn’t look old enough!!) boys) on and off throughout my whole career pretty much. We’ve travelled to countless countries together for shoots –  Mexica, Myonos and Ibiza… And shared so many laughs (and a few tears too…). Not only is she a talented make-up artist (and she’s pretty great at doing hair too!!), she’s also one of the loveliest, kindest, warmest people I have ever met. You know those people that you just want to ‘be around’? That’s Lisa. ‘Human Prozac’ is one way a photographer friend of mine once described her!! That still makes me laugh. And it totally makes sense too!
Anyway, I asked Lisa if she would write a post for me for Little Spree, because, firstly, she always looks great and has great style. Even on shoots where we’ve all got up at ‘the crack of arse’, Lisa somehow always (annoyingly, frankly) manages to look pulled together (in her own cool way) and utterly gorgeous. Honestly, Lisa just seems to be ‘glowing’ all the time (her hair’s always good too – grrrrr). I’ve always loved the way she dresses – always embracing or skimming her curves in all the best ways – always sexy, but always cool. The fact the she’s a size 18 is definitely not the thing you notice first about her, that’s for sure. But seeing as she is, she was the one person I wanted to approach to contribute to this post (so many of you have emailed me, asking for more posts like this one (find my edit of ‘curve’ pieces, many of which go up to a size 2o or 30 under Lisa’s favourites, below), because if there’s one person you want to share their thoughts and tips on dressing your curves, it’s Lisa. Like me, she doesn’t believe in ‘style rules’ (I loathe them in fact – any rules that tell you what you can or can’t wear, depending on your shape, size, or indeed, age are b******t as far as I’m concerned). In fact, any style rules are b*****ks for that matter. Wear what makes you feel good, and you’re most of the way there…

Now over to Lisa…

Sarah xx

ps: follow her on Instagram: @lisavalencia1

I used to think I was the biggest person in fashion, not as the most famous or established, as in thighs, bum and tum. That was until the market took off in such a way that I found myself working with curve models – this gave me a chance to really see women of my size in a different light. I had the pleasure of doing Ashley Graham’s (above) makeup, and watching her pose in her lingerie, filled with confidence, and the most amount of sex appeal I have ever seen in any model. My thoughts shifted – it was time to embrace the size 18 frame that I have. There is more choice then ever on the high street – I no longer have to rely on shops for ‘larger ladies’, that only seemed to be filled with shapeless clothes covered in crazy prints (no doubt to go with our  bubbly personalities!). I’m much more low key in how I dress – I prefer to mix high street with good shoes (I’m a big fan of Gucci) – I also have huge feet, and was delighted to know that they go up to a size 42. So even though I am unable to fit into any of the clothes, the shoes and bags fit me just fine!

I love a jumpsuit, and tend to live in them. They’re also super-flattering. Next do some great ones (I’m wearing this one in the pictures above), as do Debenhams. Blouses and jeans are always so easy to wear, and the new higher waisted ‘mom’ jeans are are really flattering – don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear a skinny jean! I’m also loving the wide leg jeans that are around this season. They look great with a heel – the shorter length is an ideal way to show off a nice sandal. Ancient Greek do gorgeous sandals – I treat myself to a pair every year.

Dresses are easy to wear, and it’s a whole outfit in one purchase, My favourites are always midi length – I find them so flattering, and age-appropriate. M&S have done some gorgeous ones this Summer. Pitsua (available at ASOS) are beautiful Summer cover-ups – I live in them on holiday. They’re great for the beach, but also work well in the evening. I don’t like to look too girly, so I tend to put an army jacket over everything (something I think I inherited from Sarah!).

Lisa xx

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