Indian Summer

SO many of you have contacted me about my pink Indian block printed dress that I wore on Instagram Stories last week (I also linked it a couple of times afterwards, but many of you missed it…), that I decided to do a quick post on the shop I got it from on Etsy – Nahata. They have a big selection (for kids too, plus blouses), they are cotton, lovely prints, and are some of the cheapest I have found (they come directly from the supplier in Jaipur, India, so no ‘middle man’). They might not come as quickly as some orders, but that is fine by me – they’re worth the wait.  The cotton is lovely and soft, the print is perfect (the copies are always see around are just never quite the same), and it has the ties with the tiny bells, which I love (even though you can hear me coming!!). Plus it will just get better (and softer) with every wash.
Mine is this one, but am definitely going to order anther one (as much as I love them, I never like to order too many of the same thing, as for me, it just makes the one/ones I already have less special somehow. It’s tempting because they are so reasonable, but I would recommend buying one, see how you like it (I got a medium by the way, and it’s perfect), then see how you go? Choose carefully, and you will love and cherish it more. But then I’m not a ‘crazy shopper’ (believe it or not) to be honest.

Have a great week!

Sarah xx

ps: a lot of people ask me what lingerie I wear with all my (many) Summer dresses, particularly the white ones? My answer? A nude bra and knickers (these are my favourite knickers for everyday), never white (white will show).

pps: I also linked this swimsuit on Stories, but again, many of you missed it and have asked me for it again. If you’ve got big boobs, this is a fab, chic, super-simple, flattering suit that keeps ‘them’ contained and supported. And it’s not un-sexy either for the record!
I’ve bought one for my holiday.