Keep Your Yellow Mellow

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Simone Rocha

I’m not going to lie, bright colours are not my thing. In fact they never have been (ok, with the exception of a paint splattered effect shirt with (attached) fuchsia pink tie from Tammy Girl when I was 11 – boy did I LOVE that shirt!). I tend to gravitate towards the more low-key neutral palette of khaki, cream, white, blue, navy… I do like a bit of pale pink from time to time too. I guess for me, brights feel a bit ‘shouty’ – I’m not one who dresses to be noticed (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that at all) – I guess I’m more about the little details in my clothes/outfits that please me more than anything. I also think to pull off colour well, you need to be confident wearing colour (as with anything really) – if you don’t feel good in colour, chances are you won’t look good either. I have to say, for me the mistress of colour (and print for that matter) is the gorgeous Erica Davies. Now she wears colour, never the other way around. I always find her looks inspiring when it comes to combining particular colours, print and textures. Maybe she’s the ‘mistress of the mash-up’? Even better! Anyway, having said all that, I have sort of sat up and taken notice of the current yellow trend that’s filtering through, and am kind of liking it. I will definitely need to do some deep breathing and limbering up before I leave the house dressed in yellow (I think I would live in fear of someone yelling ‘big bird’ at me!!), but I do like the idea of it, and I also need to remind myself from time to time that just because I might not be fully onboard with something, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share it with you. And it also doesn’t mean I’m not into something just because I wouldn’t wear it. I would make a pretty useless stylist if that were the case! I am also aware that many of you do love to wear colour. And this is a colour trend that I’m definitely getting onboard with.
I think the best place to start is with a dress. And of all the yellow dresses I’ve seen on the high street (and there are quiet a few, below), this is my favourite. I like the loose shape (if anything size up to make sure there’s nothing remotely clingy, slinky or sexy about the fit). It also comes in a velvet version which is great too. I would layer a grey tee  (grey is softer and cooler than black, plus I am personally not a fan of black and yellow as a combination – wasps, bees??) under. Navy would also work well, particularly for accessories. I would style it with a simple white trainer for a more relaxed vibe.
I think I might be dabbling more in the Spring/Summer months. Watch this space. In the meantime, I’m hoping you’re braver than me!!

Sarah xx