Nightwear As Daywear

Nightwear as daywear? Absolutely! After all, what’s the difference really between a white nightdress and a white dress? Not a lot these days! And all these gorgeous brands are in agreement – Sleeper, The Three Graces, Loup Charmont, and Pour Les Femmes. Plus, I figure that I love nothing more than a bowl of cereal/toast for dinner (given half the chance anyway – usually when Tom’s out, as he disapproves…), and am definitely partial to the occasional slice (or two) of cold pizza for breakfast… My point being – who cares what you should be doing/wearing at any given time anyway?
So, with this in mind, last week, as I sweated and sweated away (not pretty) in the Italian heat, I reached, in despair, for my trusty M&S nightie (sadly no longer available, although I think many of you bought one after I mentioned it a while ago…), and once I added a few bits of jewellery and a pair of tan sandals, I really couldn’t tell the difference either!!! And I felt SO much cooler. It’s just the knowing that it’s your nightie that’s the problem. I have been buying vintage nightgowns for years, but mostly only to be worn as dresses. So start shopping for nightwear as daywear!! And remeber to keep your underwear nude coloured, as opposed to white (white still shows under sheer/sheer-ishwhite/pale colours).

Sarah xx

ps: I have always loved Lunn Antiques (their shop is in Parsons Green in London – I would often borrow their vintage pieces for shoots), and they have a good selection of nightdresses (sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved), based on Vctorian and Edwardian styles. So if you’re not up for rummaging in antique fairs, these are perfect for you (and actually, often work out cheaper).

pps: just one more thing to bear in  mind – as tempting as it might be, you must never, ever segue straight from night to day in the same nightie. That’s just gross. And will make you feel gross. Those ‘student’ days are behind us right?

ppps: ok, this might not be quite so appropriate for ‘day’ (unless you’re lounging around a pool, in which case, absolutely!), but how pretty is it??

pppps: and how about a jumpsuit as nightwear? Love this!