Skorts (And Why I Love Them)

My trusty ‘skorts’ (yep, you’ve guessed it, a clever short and skirt hybrid) became one of my go-to holiday wardrobe essentials by accident really. I happened to be shopping in the Zara sale a few Summers ago (probably four), and found what I thought was a super-cute short, floaty (flippy?) khaki silk skirt, with the added bonus of pockets. Now this is not something I would entertain wearing in London (far too short for a mama of two on the wrong side of 35, at the time), but on holiday (where no one knows me) I live by different rules (don’t we all?). Well, for starters I don’t eat an ice cream every single day when I’m at home (thank God for that!), even during the warmer months! So, I go a bit shorter with my hemlines on holiday. Why not? I like to the live on the edge.
Anyway, back to the Zara ‘skirt’. It was only once I found myself in the changing room that I realised that there was a tiny piece of fabric separating out the legs. Aha, shorts! But I hate shorts (well, apart from denim cut-offs anyway – I’m a little more open minded these days…). But these don’t look like shorts, ‘it’/’they’ (??) look/s like a cute little skirt. Then it dawned it me: a cute little skirt (with pockets, remember, don’t forget the pockets) with none of the hazards that all too often go along with a skirt as short and floaty at this one! So the ‘skort’ came with me to Tuscany that Summer, and every Summer since, and I always take it with me when I’m on shoots in hot places (and trust me, if you are tense about flashing your knickers in front of strangers, you will be even more tense about flashing your work colleagues on set, and rightly so). The following Summer I picked up an almost identical (same shape, fabric and pockets) ‘skort’ in the Mango sale, just in black (this is the one I’m wearing in the photo above (note how the wind has caught it? But no kicker-flashing!) with my old Mango gladiators and favourite mini basket from Hedgehog). I literally live in them when I’m away – they are so comfortable, and I’m pretty certain than no Italians have seen my knickers at any point. I wear them with anything from a pretty blouse, hippie blouse, a boyfriend style shirt (half tucked in) to simple tees. I even wear them with a slouchy mens cashmere crewneck and a statement earring in the evenings. Alway, always with flats though.
Now I haven’t seen loads around, but I have seen a few good ones, so I’ve rounded them up (below). I think the Gap ones are the most similar to mine in style. I have also included some actual shorts, but ones that are more floaty/girly, so they look more like little skirts. I would also advise sizing up in these for a looser fit.
So that’s the story of the skort. The End.

Sarah xx

ps: the more structured style (such as these and these from ASOS) are great too, although I’m not sure my legs are quite up to them. Love them though if yours are! Wear them with simple, slouchy tees.

pps: if you haven’t already, you might want to have a little snoop around the (newly re-stocked) Holiday Shop.