Slip Dresses & Biker Jackets

For me, a black leather biker jacket is a wardrobe must-have. However, I definitely go through phases where mine (around three years old from Whistles, but they still do very similar ones – see my edit below) literally doesn’t see the light of day for months on end. Then out of the blue, I suddenly decide that it’s the only thing that will work on that particular day with that particular outfit. This particular day that these pics were taken was one of those ‘what the hell is this crazy weather doing NOW??’ days, so I took the opportunity to wear a slip dress (this one is old H&M – sorry!!) – my tip is to size up in a slip dress if you’re conscious of any lumps and bumps – I prefer my slip dress to flow, rather then skim over my body. If you’ve got a more ‘boyish’ figure, then you should definitely go for that ‘Ghost-esque’ bias-cut style. Anyway, I just wanted to feel comfy (hello Mango glads which are always lying around somewhere in the house where I last kicked them off – just checked and they’ve gone from the site now, but I really like these ones, which are actually even cheaper!) but feminine (this is starting to sound a bit like a pantyliner press release now!!), but with a little edge of coolness (enter the black biker). So that’s my ‘recipe’ anyway. Oh and you probably don’t need me to remind you that a slip dress always looks great with a tee layered under (white or black always look good, and go for one with a slightly looser sleeve). And as you know, I do not subscribe to the whole ‘you can’t wear that if you’re pear-shaped blah blah blah…’ rubbish, but if you are of the curvier persuasion and thought they were off-limits, give the slip dress another chance – you might be surprised.

Sarah xx

ps: this biker is cool too, for a non-leather option.

pps: I really like this slip dress (ignore the scary picture!!)

ppps: any brides-to-be out there who want to chanel Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, this is surely the dream slip dress?