The Joy Of A Jumpsuit

photo: Free People

Still loving a jumpsuit, even after all these years. I have times when I love them more than at other times, but I always seem to go back to them as my ‘fail safe’ go-to look, particularly with heels. I have one from Isabel Marant (oversized), one from Mango (more streamlined and cropped – I know many of you bought this one), and most recently, my denim, utility one from Gap (sorry – only a few sixes left now, but I’ve found some great similar options below). Once you find one that suits you (it’s all about the proportions – it has to be right), it can be one of the most flattering and comfortable things you can wear, and so perfect for dressing up or down. And more and more are already ‘party ready’ in the form of an evening jumpsuit. What could be cooler and chicer than an evening jumpsuit? Very Stella.
For me, it’s all about a ‘barely there’ high sandal with my jumpsuits for the evening. For the day I love a high top or simple flat sandal in the Summer, but by night (or for something more ‘special’ during the day) I like to ramp it up a bit. There are so many great pairs on the high street now, you really don’t need to cough up for a designer pair (I still wear my Issy gold and black suede pairs all the time). The ASOS t-bar snakeskin sandals are on my current Wish List. And a woven or rope tie belt is a nice little added detail I always find.
Ok, not strictly a jumpsuit, but how cool are these? And how gorgeous is this silk jumpsuit for the evening? Oh and how chis is the ‘pyjama jumpsuit‘?? I could go on…

Sarah xx

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