What The Stylist Saw…

Embroidered blouse | Zara
Reversible jacket | Isabel Marant Étoile
Asymetrical satin dress | Mango
Frilled top | Isabel Marant Étoile
Trousers with adjustable hems | Zara
Sandals | Mango
Printed t-shirt | Isabel Marant Étoile
Belted utility jacket | Gap
Leather knot belt | Gap
Chambray dress | Isabel Marant Étoile
Mini cross-body bag | Mango
Striped cashmere sweater | M&S
Jumpsuit | Isabel Marant Étoile
Top with contrasting bow | Zara
Oversized dress | Zara

I thought I would put a little post together, following a few recent store visits that I shared on Instagram Stories. Not many stores – Liberty (for my favourite Issy Marant), Gap, M&S, Mango and Zara. So these are all things that I have seen (and loved, and wanted – I bought the Zara cream frilled top with black bow and khaki trousers – size up in those…) in person, as opposed to just online. As we all know, it can make such a difference to actually see something in reality (a case in point, the M&S cashmere sweater (it’s so great in reality, but I would never have considered it from just seeing it online) – to touch it, and perhaps try it on.
These are also all my favourite colours to wear, particularly in the summer. They’re easy too, as they all go together, so you can mix and max everything, and they will always work.
I have also done added in some extra pieces that I haven’t necessarily seen, that I also love, below.

Sarah xx

ps: I SO want this dream jacket!!