Mama-To-Be (Dressing The Bump)

Generally speaking I’m not a massive fan of maternity brands. I certainly avoided them during my own pregnancy anyway (far too many jersey wrap dresses and those complicated jersey (yep, it’s stretch jersey all the way) multi-tasking maxi skirts for my taste…). But I have to say, Hatch is probably one of my favourites. They have some really lovely things (not cheap though, it has to be said…), and their clever concept of “making chic clothing for before, during and after pregnancy” definitely gets my vote (buying a new wardrobe of clothes to wear just for a few months seems just stupid to me). If I was pregnant now (I’m not) I would probably buy maybe one or two pieces…
I used to hit up the mens’ department too – a great (mostly untapped) resource for cool tees and cashmere sweaters and cardigans in larger sizes. They also served me well post-babies when I just wanted something comfy, but un-frilly/frumpy (Gap, M&S and H&M were my favourite haunts).
I have also updated the Mama-To-Be Shop, so take a peek if you want some more inspiration for (stylishly)dressing your bump.

Sarah xx

ps: also definitely worth looking at the gorgeous website, Nine In The Mirror. They have a a beautiful edit of non-maternity designer pieces that have been handpicked to suit mamas-to-be before, during and after pregnancy (so a similar concept to Hatch). You can shop by the ‘stage’ of your pregnancy, so it’s easy to navigate; and you can also shop for cute baby things; check out their edit of the best buggies etc etc. I also happen to know that they have amazing sales, so definitely worth a snoop then, whether your preggers of not.
The Editor is the super-stylish, and lovely (she’s as lovely as she is stylish – very annoying. Obviously I tried my best to hate her, but it was just impossible…), Amanda Woodward-Brown – I think you’d love her Instagram feed if you don’t already follow her. She is mama to beautiful Violet and Isla, and I always find her posts inspiring – she has amazing taste.

pps: love this humbug striped dress from Toppers.