Erdem & H&M


I haven’t been this excited for an H&M designer collaboration since the Isabel Marant one (when I just happened to away on a trip, so totally missed it and bought nothing. It still haunts me to this day). Erdem – the man behind the dreamiest, most romantic, beautiful clothes (and catwalk shows – always one of my favourites) around, coveted by fashion editors and celebs alike. I always pass his Mayfair store on the way to the hairdressers, and the windows always stop me in my tracks (I’m usually running late and in a hurry…) and I always just stare for a moment. He somehow cleverly manages to design the most gorgeous things that always also have a little ‘coolness’ to them, that consequently makes you just WANT them!! Well, now you can (that is assuming that Erdem mainline is usually out of your budget? It is mine anyway). So back to H&M. I must admit, I had my reservations when I first heard about this particular collaboration – how would the amazing fabrics and detailing translate to the high street? Would it look cheap? I must admit, I have yet to see it in person (I am going to the press shopping preview on Wednesday evening, so make sure you check out my Insta Stories for the inside scoop), but I have only heard great things from ‘the inside’. But I shall report my findings! These are my favourite pieces anyway. I have my sights set on the black lace, pleated dress (Alex at The Frugality has already nabbed one, so you can see her wearing it on Instagram to get an idea…), the jewelled shoes (I mean…), and possibly the leopard print ribbon tie coat – imagine it with scruffy jeans and a jumper!! (not sure I’m in the market for another leopard print coat though – last time I checked I had three…). And I absolutely LOVE the floral print dress with the full skirt and the ribbon trim (top), but I hate the tops of my arms, so will probaly give that one a miss, sadly. But if anyone has a wedding or a special party/event in the diary, this dress is the DREAM!! Wear it with your Boden velvet Mary Janes…
The collection hits the store (and the website) on Thursday (2nd November)!! Be ready!!

Sarah xx