Mama Spree: Pyjama Party


We’re having a bit of a ‘pyjama moment’ at Little Spree HQ right now. For us this time. Not to be confused with loungewear/sloungwear (more of which soon), we’re veering towards the classic, cosy, and stylish enough (well if you buy the right ones anyway) to slip into as soon as you get home, which we are guilty of doing on occassion. Hell, we’ve even been know to answer the door to the DHL man wearing our pjs! These are the pairs we want to get cosy in right now: sateen stripedchambray; silk pipedclassic white; silk; melange; stretch jersey; and this striped nightshirt and matching pyjama bottoms. This pair comes in lots of different prints (we like the animal print) and they also come in regular, petite and tall). Non ‘pyjama pyjama’ options include this, which we love!
Another rather unexpected source of decent, classic pyjamas is good old T.K.Maxx. Who knew? I happened to be in there (the one in Kew for anyone who’s interested?) a couple of weeks ago, and had a quick snoop at the nightwear section, not really expecting to find anything I would actually want to buy. I ended up leaving with not one, but two pairs of pyjamas and change from £50.00! One pair was plain navy silk from Calvin Klein (sadly not available online, but so lovely, so definitely worth looking for if you happen to be in one of the stores), and the other was this pair). This pair and this pair are also great, and both under £30.00! And for all the Christmas optimists out there, it’s got to be these

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: don’t miss tomorrow’s ‘bookworm’ post. Daddy Spree’s Tom is sharing his favourite Christmas kids’ books.