Most Worn, Most Loved

This is arguably not the most exciting post. I have been umming and aahhing about whether to even do a Black Friday post/edit at all (see last year’s post  (I was umming and aahhing in 2018 too!!) for my general feelings, which remain unchanged really).  And to be honest, I buy very little (if anything) during these Black Friday/Cyber Monday days/weeks/months/mad times, because the whole ‘frenzy’ of it just makes me go the other way and retreat.  Yes I have still got my Christmas presents to buy (and in fact, have bought a few  things for the kids from John Lewis that were on sale, that  were in our Christmas Gift Guides), and yes of course, there are always various things on my personal ‘Lust List’ (in my head), but I like to do things in my own time, in my own way, and preferably not under any kind of pressure (yes, I’m a total grandma!!). Yes, there are some bargains to be had, and if you have had your eye on something for yourself, or particular Christmas gifts (if you’re looking for gorgeous gifts for babies and kids, you might want to check of this post, which I added lastr night), then by all means, go for it. Why wouldn’t you? But you need to stay (laser) focussed at at all times!! Keep your nerve, stay strong, and you will avoid the traps (that will be hanging at the  back  of your wardrobe this time next  year, believe me…) .
So yes, there are plenty of items that we have previously shared,  that are currently (some heavily) discounted, but I am going to let you discover those as and when you shop (think of any discounts as a nice little surprise!).
So for today, I am just sharing things that I already own, love, and wear all the time – in other words my most hard-working pieces, that are always on rotation (that just all happen to be discounted right now). So my favourite white t-shirt ever (size up for a cooler/more expensive looking fit – I’ve just ordered another one); my trusty Vans (for the school run and beyond…); my ballet flats (with removable ankle ties – like having two pairs in one!) that I wore so much, I’m now on my second pair; my warmest jumper (I have it in grey from two  winters ago) that’s actually so warm I  don’t need a coat  with it… And of course, my ‘baby’ (this one  is very similar to mine, which I bought on Ebay), and my most loved bag ever. Anyway, you get the picture.
These are also the pieces that I get asked the most about on email/Instagram. Tried and tested, loved and worn and worn. Whether you need to buy any of them is of course up to you, but there’s nothing faddy about this edit.
I’ve also included a few home/beauty bargains (below) – only things that you will currently find in my home (or handbag) though. And for the record,  Diptique candles are virtually never discounted!!

Sarah xx

ps: these are the only boots I have bought this Winter. Love them with longer dresses and jeans.

pps: these are the jeans everyone (everyone in fashion circles anyway) is talking about at the moment. Super-cool and super-flattering.  They are top of my jeans wish list.

ppps: one of my favourite (and most complimented) bracelets ever. And such a great price, even before any BF discount. Love this too.