Sunday (Stay At Home) Style

Completely forgot to post this at the usual time – sorry! Is it even Sunday?? Full disclosure: I have not been taking any of my own advice on the following. Over the last week, I have barely run a brush through my hair, barely opened my wardrobe (I’m just wearing the same jeans and sweatshirts, and generally the ones that are closest to me when I’m getting dressed…), and have started wearing weird hybrid outfits of sportswear and so-called ‘normal’ clothes like a Seventies geek. I’m just not feeling it. I’m in a funk. And the truth is, I really don’t care. But I’m now starting to feel a bit like I did when I was at home on a year’s maternity leave (mostly alone) with two babies. And those were dark times. So this coming week I’ve vowed to really try and make the teeniest effort with my appearance, as much for my own sanity as anything. On the plus side, I’ve started running like a maniac (hence the aforementioned weird outfits), batch cooking, and enjoying hanging out with my kids without the pressure of deadlines and the always challenging ‘working mum’ logistical  conundrums. Every cloud and all that.
So what should/could we be wearing when we’re (well, most of us that is, and to those who aren’t, thank you, thank you, thank you) spending most of our waking hours at home? ‘Stay at Home Style’? Now there’s an oxymoron if ever I saw one. For me, comfort is key. Key, but not the only factor. I need more. I work in fashion. I also know the psychological benefits of dressing a certain way. I generally like to keep things pretty low-key. I already work from home around 50% of the time, so am used to this sartorial scenario. What I’m not used to is having the home time without the morning meetings/cups of tea with friends (you know where!) and various errands. For these I will wear pretty similar outfits to the ‘working from home’ ones, but with the additions of heels, handbags (although when I do go out to the shops these days, this is the bag that’s coming with me), jewellery (even my beloved wrist ‘stack’ is currently scaled back to a rather pathetic looking twosome…) and coats/jackets. Take those elements away and what am I left with? A rotation of jumpers/sweatshirts, jeans, jumpsuits and dungarees (but even those feel like too much effort to style right now, as they require a element of layering – a more detailed thought process). Which is, of course, fine. But I think a little shake-up is in order. And not necessarily a more (ha!)  glamorous one. For example, at home, there’s nothing wrong with wearing pyjamas (although my one very strict rule is that they must never, even be the same pair you slept in (if it’s past lunchtime anyway), as that’s just a bit skanky, and will just make you feel a bit gross). If you want to wear a pair of pyjamas at home, absolutely go for it, but make it a lovely (at least clean!!) pair, or just wear the bottoms with a cashmere sweater (always a winning combo in my book). And try and ditch the slippers (with pyjamas) if you can (I’m talking about during the day here).
Little style hacks that can make all the difference. An old favourite of mine is wearing as fabulous pair of earrings with your most unassuming grey marl sweatshirt. I also love to wear oversized cashmere sweaters or shirts with leggings and ballet pumps (these just arrived today, and I love them. They look WAY more expensive than their price tag, and they’re really soft leather…). And if you are popping out (probably at some point around July?), as opposed to today), throw a mannish blazer/coat over the top. Love this look (it was once my favourite go-to (aka lazy) school run outfit). Another is to layer a pretty blouse under a sweatshirt (as opposed to your regular crewneck sweater). We’re not reinventing the wheel here, but just some food for thought.
Stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: cashmere socks.