Sunday Style

This week’s now familiar jumble of easy, effortless #stayhome friendly pieces, with a few random covetable accessories chucked in for added daydreaming. Enjoy!
Stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: I had been looking for a cool red (I know, SO un-me!) pair of Adidas (or Adidas style, ie. Isabel Marant ) bottoms for a while now (specifically to wear with pretty white blouses mostly), and the closest  I found were this pair. But I was (massively) put off by all the bells and whistles that were attached. Then I saw the lovely Gayle Rinkoff on IG Stories, wearing hers, and she explained that she bought the very same ones, and just removed all the bits (I just assumed that they were attached,  despite the fact that it clearly says ‘detachable’ now that I’m looking again for the sake of this post). So I ordered, and I love them. Red (well bright red red anyway) is a pretty bold (unprecidented) move for me, but I’ll be wearing mine with neutral tops (blouses or cashmere sweaters mostly I suspect) and Birkies. Blimey – that was a LONG ps!!