Be The Best Dressed (Wedding) Guest

photo: Cass Bird

Wedding season is upon us! SO many of you have emailed/DM-ed me, asking for a post dedicated to this very subject. So if you’ve got any wedding invitations (or ‘stiffies’ as posh people call them) on your mantlepiece, grab a cuppa/glass of wine and read on…
The main problem is, I think, too much choice out there. So I’ve done a strict edit for you. I’ve also decided that Kate ‘gives good wedding’ – always stylish, always cool, always makes an effort (for any hardcore Kate fans, I know that that last dress is not one she wore to an actual wedding (she wore it to dinner on the eve of her own wedding. Note, she’s even co-ordinated with the mini-bus?), but it’s one of my all-time favourer Kate outfits so I included it anyway!). I also have it on good authority that she’s THE most fun wedding guest too! Not hard to believe.
When it comes to weddings it has to be said, I am not what you might call  ‘experimental’. I pretty much always wear a dress. But then I love dresses, and I love the ease of a dress (perfect for the lazy/time poor/people with better things to do – I prob tick all three of those boxes!). Also, don’t be scared of spending a little more on a ‘wedding’ dress. Don’t think of it as a quick-fix that you’re only going to wear once – think of it more as an investment. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have been to over the years (too many to count anyway), but I can tell you I have not worn more than six dresses in total! Fact. Admittedly, most of the designer ones were picked up in the sale (a Stella Mccartney bias-cut long floral one has probably worked the hardest and appeared at the most weddings, and has now been downgraded to ‘every day’ and worn with hi-tops and flip-flops, and that’s fine). The thing is, if you’re clever, you only need a few in your wardrobe (obviously not all bought at the same time), and you then just rotate them, depending on who will be at the wedding. Plus of course, you can wear them for various others events. I have to say, I seriously considering this gorgeous dress – I just love it – so pretty, and so timeless, and that cut-out sleeves detail is very clever, hiding the bit you want to hide, and showing the sexy bit). I would chuck a boyfriend, cashmere cardigan over it). Who cares if you’re wearing the same dress to the three consecutive weddings anyway? If the guest list is different, you’ll be the only one who knows! And obviously you can switch up your accessories etc. so you don’t bore yourself!
Another thing I sometimes do (call me crazy), is buy a new (simple, usually black or navy), high street dress and pimp it up with some more expensive shoes (again a pair that you will wear and wear again and again, not just for the wedding). What you want to avoid if you is a last minute ‘smash & grab’ in Zara, as I can guarantee you won’t be the only one to do that, and the odds are pretty high that you will have a ‘who wore it best’ situation’ in the wedding photos. Not ideal.
As I said, I do always stick to a dress (although I love the idea of a chic jumpsuit for a wedding!), so I’ve kept my edit to dresses here. My advice is then to choose your shoes according to your dress length. As a general rule of thumb, I would stick to longer dresses with heels and short dresses and flats. This is not the law though. Obviously. I have separated them out for you to save time. As with the dresses, there is something to suit every budget. I used to be a bit of a shoe snob, as I so rarely found great ones on the high street, but I have to say, ASOS has some fantastic shoes at amazing prices!! Love this Chloé-eque pair; these remind me of my (ancient) Stella leopard print courts that I wear ALL the time; and these are a great Manolo knock-off (the version with the lower heel are Anna Wintour’s go-to shoe, but don’t let that put you off).
A tuxedo jacket or a mens cardigan are both great options over a dress, either size up, or just wear draped over your shoulders for that effortless look, particularly with a more ‘dressy’ dress.

Sarah xx

ps: if you don’t like the bride and you don’t have a budget, this will do the trick. I am IN LOVE with this dress. Beyond dreamy!!!

pps: yes it’s totally fine to wear black. If it’s the wedding of an ex-boyfirend, try to avoid accessorising with a veil though. Indeed if you are pregnant, Hatch is one of my favourite go-to brands. This is a great dress that they always do every season.