Lisa’s (Edit.58’s) Christmas Wish List

1. Decoupage tray | Pentreath & Hall
2. Napkin | H&M
3. Wall Art | Anthropologie
4. Hester Finch: Nude | Liberty
5. Cushion | Pentreath & Hall
6. Scented candle | Cire Trudon
7. Cabana: Anthology | Amazon
8. Hand lotion | Arket
9. Tablecloth | H&M
10. Bowl on stand | Summerhill & Bishop
11. Decoupage tray | Pentreath & Hall
12. Candle holder | Oka
13. Storage basket | Couveture & The Garbstore

I love interiors, and as such my Christmas gift list is always heavily focused on things for my home. When Sarah asked me to put this together, I realised there’s always a very similar mix of items on any gift list I compile – a book, a candle, some ceramics, artwork, baskets, and some form of soft furnishing. You could say I am a creature of habit. Or you could say I’m easy to buy for. Either way, here’s the links I’ll be sending to my loved ones. I promise I’ve been a really good girl this year.

Lisa x

1 & 11. I’m a little obsessed with the work of artist Wayne Pate, and I’m an absolute sucker for decoupage – so when the two merge, it’s an obvious gift list inclusion. I can’t decide between these two. I’ll let the gift giver surprise me!

2 & 9. I’m currently gingham obsessed and want my Christmas table this year to be gingham on gingham on gingham. I’ll be hoping to open these on Christmas morning, and then will whip them straight onto the table as part of my Christmas lunch setting! Grey, navy and Olive green are my personal favourite palette incarnations of gingham. (I’m hoping for the olive Green in both tablecloth and napkins, although annoyingly the olive green napkins only appear to be in store).

3. Art is just the best gift to receive – the gift that keeps on giving. I’m hoping my husband sees this. Or (and??)…

4. …this.

5. I make and sell cushions, so as you can imagine our house is not short of them.  But this one has been on my want list for quite a while. The combo of needlepoint, cane print and that pink/yellow. Yum.

6. No Christmas list is complete without a candle, is it? Cire Trudon is my favourite scented candle brand (if you haven’t been, visit their Chiltern Street scent house). I’ll take any from their range, but this one is a personal fave.

7. I love Cabana magazine, so I’m sure I’ll love this anthology showcasing photography, interviews, profiles, and features from its first five, formative years.

8. Maybe more beauty than Interiors, but every bedside table/nightstand/sink tray should have a hand cream on. This one is great (I’ll happily take a hand wash from the same range too).

9. See number 2.

10. I collect Astier De Villatte ceramics so I’d be thrilled to receive this under the tree this year…

8. Like Sarah, I’m a huge basket fan. There’s not a room in my house without one (or two!). I just love this playful fruit shaped version and will no doubt buy for my daughter. Maybe I’ll take a pear.

10. I collect Astier De Villatte ceramics so I’d be thrilled to receive this under the tree this year…

11. See number 1.

12. I love tortoiseshell. So mix that with a candle holder and I’m sold.

11. See number 1.

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