Christmas Gifts For Teachers

Teacher’s wine glass |

This post might be a little redundant if your kids go to private school (mine don’t). It may even be redundant if they don’t, depending on how ‘on it’ your class rep is…
This wine glass has been included in this very same post in previous years, but it’s such a good one. A little humour at a little (ish) price, and useful too! I actually bought this for Tabarlow’s teacher when they were in reception, and she seemed rather enamoured with it (she could have just been a great liar of course, but I can normally tell a faker…). If nothing else, it shows you went to a little bit of trouble, which is always nice to on the receiving end of isn’t it?
Anyway, different schools/classes do things in different ways, but my general experience of these end of term teachers gifts (well the end of the Autumn and Summer terms anyway) is that you either club together as class and/or give the teacher something individually. So with this in mind, I feel that the below gifts are your bet best for something stylish, appropriate, and personal (if you’re going down the individual gifting route). And of course, if you’re really up against it, gift cards are always happily received in my experience!

Sarah xx

ps: a lovely personalised card is always a good idea.

pps: something to bear in mind – no matter how much your children’s teacher/s may love their class, they will never love them enough to be happy to receive a framed photograph of them to put on display in their home. Trust me. And in case you’re wondering, yes this DOES actually happen. Really.