Long Johns

 When one of your favourite independent brands, Apolina Kids (if you don’t already know them, you’re going to love them!!)  creates the most gorgeous capsule collection of layering pieces, ‘Apolina Layers’, you definitely want to share it! The three beautiful (decisions, decisions…) core shades, ‘Rose’, ‘Pear’ and ‘Cedar’ are all signature tones of the brand. As well as being perfect for layering, they also make and super-comfortable, super-stylish loungewear when worn alone. They’re available in small (3-4 years), medium (4-6 years) and large (6-7 years) sizes.
I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for the equivalent to a ‘stylish onesie’ to come into my life…

Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx

ps: have you had a little peek at the Christmas Shop yet?