Christmas Gifts For The Girls

1. Numero 74 Butterfly Wings, £32.68
2. Easy Peasy Mouse Purse, £12.00
3. J.Crew Crewcuts Doll, £58.00
4. John Lewis Play Kitchen, £125.00
5. Sebra Magnetic Wooden Letters, £30.10
6. Stella McCartney Kids Tulle Dress, £78.00
7. Jellycat Sollange Swan, £61.06
8. Jigsaw Bunny Slippers, £29.00
9. Meri Meri Days Of The Week Hair Slides, £7.50

The time has come to start talking Christmas presents. We’ve been thinking about them (and looking for them!!) for some time now, and the time has come to start sharing the fruits of our labour. We’re kicking off with gifts for girls, but this edit is just a tiny selection of what we’ve found. We’ll be sharing our full Christmas Gift finds in our new Christmas Shop (coming any day now…), and it’s not just girls. We’ve found the best gifts for girls and boys right from zero to seven plus. Many tried and tested (not just on our own kids, but friends and relatives too – there are definitely some presents that we just always find ourselves coming back to again and again).

Anyway, if you like this little preview, there’s plenty more where they came from. And not just for little ones either! We’ve also got the men covered, along with us ladies (so that’ll be us then!), and even some ideas for those ‘couldn’t live without’ grandparents that many of us working mamas rely on so much. And you’ll find them all in our Christmas Gifts Shop, coming any day now to the new and improved Little Spree. In the meantime, here’s some more stylish gift inspiration (below) for the little ladies in our lives…

Sarah & Nicky xx