Mouse House

Maileg mouse house (including furniture) | £240.00
Maileg winter little brother mouse | £17.00
Maileg winter little sister mouse | £17.00
Maileg princess and the pea | £39.50

Sometimes I actually think I might love Tabitha’s Maileg mice more than she does (and Tom agrees). They are just so, so sweet. But having said that, she is pretty obsessed with them (anyone following us on Instagram will remember last year’s summer holiday which involved her bringing ALL of them (and she has A LOT) with us to Tusancy. But she just loves them, and plays with them for hours and hours (it’s the sweetest thing ever to eavesdrop on her, roll playing with them). For anyone not familiar with them, they are the most beautiful little mice, (there are equally gorgeous bunnies too, but let’s stick to the mice for today) dressed in beautiful little outfits, which normally come in their own little matchbox house, complete with teeny-tiny mismatched bedding. There are many reasons why I love them so much, but one of them is simply that they are not a Barbie, Bratz or Shopkins doll (don’t worry, Tabs has a few of those too, I’m not that mean…) – they are just simple and uncomplicated, without makeup or ridiculous bodies. They are just mice.
Tabitha has the wooden Maileg house, which although very sweet is pretty basic it has to be said. You have to then pimp it up a little with a few home furnishings. This one however, although pricey, comes fully furnished. And can we just discuss how cute the little loft bed is?? Anyway, I hadn’t seen this particular house before, so wanted to share. The world of Maileg is not the cheapest of worlds, but when I think about the hours of pleasure Tabitha has had playing with them, it sure beats a quick plastic Shopkins (although I do think their names are pretty cute!), Sylvanians (‘the woodland mafia’) or My Little Pony fix.

Sarah xx

ps: and how could I (or Tabitha) resist the ‘baby twin mice’??