The Most Fashionable Dolls In Town

Severina Kids is one of my newest finds. And I just LOVE everything about them! So original and beautifully made (each piece is uniquely produced, using slightly different fabrics, so no two are exactly the same). The cutest (and not to mention, coolest) dolls, hand knitted cats (you may have already seen Tabitha and Marlow’s on Instagram), and the prettiest home accessories (the mobiles are completely adorable!). Yep, I have fallen hard. It’s the details that really stand out for me – the cats’ tiny collars, complete with bells, the fashion bloggers with the teeny-tiny cameras and neckerchiefs…).
Check out the newest Fashion Bloggers (they’re head-to-toe in Gucci and Molly Goddard. Naturally.), ‘the most fashionable dolls in town’…) and The ‘Zoo Londoners Liberty Collection is sooooo pretty, and the sweetest backstory –  “a tale of a fabulous group of Londoners who share their passion for fashion, and meet for afternoon tea at the Liberty London café…”.
Time to go – I’ve run out of superlatives! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. See you tomorrow.

Sarah xx