The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse

The Wolf, The Duck And The Mouse | Watersones

Maybe my favourite picture book to arrive in Tabarlow’s lifetime is ‘This Is Not My Hat’, Jon Klassen’s even-better sequel to the much re-read ‘I Want My Hat Back’. Here he illustrates a Mac Barnett story that has all the updated ‘Not Now Bernard’ deadpan doom-and-gloom of the ‘Hat’ series. Bernard and the ‘Hat’ gang got off easy: our friend the mouse doesn’t make it past page 4 without being gobbled. But this is a more ornate narrative with foggier pictures, keeping the original ‘Hat’ audience interested now that they are 4 to 7: even though the twins are disappointingly disdainful of picture books at the library these days, at home Tabitha picked this up and read it out loud to Marlow. He was in fits!

Christmas book suggestions coming soon.

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