Christmas Books – Tom’s Selects

  1. Refuge, £7.99
    2. Wolfie The Bunny, £6.99
    3. Snow Rabbit, £11.99
    4. My Dreams, £9.28
    5. How Santa Really Works, £6.99
    6. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, £15.00
    7. Tomten And The Fox, £10.68
    8. Penguin Problems, £11.99

Picture books work when adults want to read them and children want to go back to them. These tick the boxes: illustrations that are easy on child and adult eyes; words that amuse kids and trip off grownup tongues (with a couple of exceptions that are mostly about the pictures). Shout out to The Alligator’s Mouth in Richmond, one of a rare breed of independent children’s bookshops (and a Little Spree favourite), who helped with research by having all of these in stock (if actual shopping is still your bag).

Happy Festives

ps: don’t forget the Little Spree Christmas gift shops for kids (I may have had a small part in organising them into the appropriate ages – 0-7+).