Tom’s Children’s Book Edit

Please see below for some delicious new picture books (and a to-be-continued selection of classics) for infants and tots. Plus some ‘chapter books’ for juniors to read, which could also be read to younger kids.


New Picture Books

Classic picture books, loved and cherished by Tabarlow and countless others

Chapter Books

Trans-generational books read to me that I couldn’t wait to read to Tabarlow (the first first two).

The book that taught Tabitha to love spiders and my sister to love pigs. To each their own.

Just because it has the evilest adults and the greatest escape.

I was planning to read this to the twins as their next bedtime story, as it was for me, but Marlow picked it up, read it and loved it.

A friend’s daughter sent this to Tabitha recently and she started reading it to me: we were both quickly enthralled (and laughing).

Of all the anti-Nazi children’s books, the most subtle.

We had Narnia books for bedtime story for well over a year. We started off with ‘Lion, Witch and Wardobe’, because I think my mum did, and read this after all the rest, as an afterthought. But it’s a great, spooky introduction to what happens next.

After the audio book of Awful Auntie, I’d kind of written off David Walliams as Roald Dahl on steroids, but Tabarlow wanted this for bedtime story and it was an unmitigated joy to read out loud. Plus you fall in love with Granny unexpectedly quickly.

Tabitha loves this whole series and waits for the nest books to come out. I like this one because I’ve always worshipped the voice, but didn’t know the story.