Advent Calendars (For Them & For Us)

Why should the kids have all the fun with the advent calendars? There are plenty of fab ones for us too! Ok, so we may have already missed out on the iconic Liberty beauty calendar, and the totally fabulous M&S version (sold out online, but you can still get them in store (I did) – spend over £35.00 and get yours for just £35.00, instead of a whopping £280.00!!)
Now if you’re a bit of a beauty junkie, then this is definitely the calendar for you. And how about a mini mince pie calendar? Yes please! Now I know they don’t have an actual daily ‘treat’ to offer, but I do still always love a classic Victorian advent calendar. They remind me of my childhood (not that it was a Victorian one – I’m not that old…) This is a sweet one too.
And for me, the Rolls Royce of all advent calendars? The Diptique of course. I mean…

Sarah xx

For Us

For Them