Pink Love

Oliver Bonas All Of Me Loves All Of You Valetine’s Card, £3.00

I’m not so into Valentine’s Day – I just find it all a bit cheesy to be honest. Sorry. A hopeless romantic I’m not. Plus it took me almost five years to guiltily confess to Tom that I hate (long stemmed) red roses. I know, I know, I’m an ungrateful cow… BUT, I decided I couldn’t lie every year for, well forever, could I? I’m more of a three stems (never two) of white hydgangeas kind of girl. Or a bit of a wild bunch of English country garden flowers. Anyway, I digress. So I thought about doing a Valentine’s post (what we want, what they might want, blah blah…), but thought better of it. We don’t go out for a ‘romantic’ dinner (plus way to much pressure not to have an argument, which always results in, well, having an argument – I always find enforced fun problematic…). So we’ve settled into a tradition of going to the cinema on Valentine’s, and that suits us just fine. And in lieu of a Valentine’s gift guide (we don’t do gifts), I’ve decided instead to round up all the gorgeous things on my Wish List (the one in my head, as opposed to my Matches one) that also just happen to be pink (some are pinker than others). There may even be the odd token romance related item in there…

Sarah xx