Baskets Of Style

photos: M&S

When I say that I love a basket, I’m not kidding around. I LOVE a basket. I literally have dozens dotted all around the house, storing literally everything toys (lego, cars, dolls, Brio train track, bath toys, dressing-up clothes, drawing stuff..), laundry (clean, dirty and everything in between), hair straighteners, post, wrapping paper, cats, accounts, rubbish, makeup, expenses, shoes, potatoes, loo rolls, and garlic (one of my favourites actually, a mini basket that I found on a trip Majorca once). My one tip would be so stick to neutral-ish colours.  I also love a basket bag, but that’s another story for another post (it’s not about a basket bag in February, well not in the UK anyway). They are addictive though – you’ve been warned!

Sarah xx

ps: so for research purposes I thought I’d add up how many baskets I actually have (y’know, just for kicks). Thirty!! And that’s not including basket bags! Oh my God.

pps: I’m going to interrupt this basket broadcast to share a little find. If you don’t have the budget for Maileg or Jelly Cats, how about this the sweet scarf wearing brown mouse from Next? Cute no?