Crockery Chic

Tin Glaze dinnerware set | West Elm

I popped into West Elm in Central London on Thursday, as I had a little time to kill between meetings. It was actually the first time I’d been into one of the stores. I saw a few great things (most of which I shared on my Insta Stories), but my favourite by far was this crockery. It has that lovely ‘rustic but not too rustic’ feel that I love, and I couldn’t help noticing that is was rather similar to crockery currently stocked in the shop at Petersham Nurseries (FYI, where an egg cup will set you back a cool £80.00. I kid you not.).

Sarah xx

ps: so many of you have contacted me to ask where my cosmetic case is from that I always use I’m travelling (it’s the one I take in my carry-on bag for the plane, so I don’t have to decant everything into one of those plastic bags at security). Anyway, it was out of stock for quite some time, but I just happened to notice that’s available again. It’s this one.