Easter Style

Easter Wreath | Ella James

Is it just me, or has Easter come around SO quickly this year? I mean I know it’s not here quite yet, but it’s Good Friday next Friday people!! How??
I always love a pretty Easter wreath on the front door – sometimes real (last year – mostly because I couldn’t locate the one other one in the attic), sometimes not (the previous few years). I have to say, there are some great ‘faux’ ones around, so don’t be too snooty about them (I used to be). Some are a little on the pricey side, but considering you can keep it and bring it out year after year, I think they work out as pretty good value. I love this one from Ella James, above. I’m rather tempted I have to say…
So whilst I was looking for the prettiest wreaths, I also did a little edit of my favourite Easter decorations (at the risk of straying dangerously into Stepford Wives territory here), I also rather like to decorate cherry blossom with mini Easter decorations in the house (eeek!). So I have included some suitable decorations for that too, if that’s your bag. Plus a few other Easter-y bits and pieces, just for good measure.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – I’ve also found the cutest clothes, gifts and accessories for the (littlest) little ones this Easter.

Sarah xx