H&M Home Edit

I have been a BIG fan of H&M Home since it first launched, and have bought so many things from here for our home over the years. I definitely don’t love it all – personally I avoid anything gimicky or kitsch (but then that’s not my style anyway), or too distinctive (aka obviously recognisably). Instead I buy the brilliantly priced bedlinen (in great colours, which they added to this season), the baskets (naturally! In fact, my ‘on set’ kit bag for shoots is from here, and literally every model I work with asks where I got it! It’s this one, and it makes great toy storage and basket-bag). I’ve also bought tablecloths, linen napkins, garden seat cushions (they do different ones every year, and they’re great!), crockery, rugs, trays (you know how much I love a tray in the home!!), candle holders, wooden wall hooks (so useful, and I love how simple they are), wooden chopping boards/serving platters…
It can be a time consuming trawl to find the best stuff though, so while it’s too hot for me to go out tight now (I’be resorted to wearing my actual  nightdress today – it’s the only thing cool enough), I thought I’d stay inside, with the shutters closed, and do the trawling for you. So, in my option anyway, these are the best things at the moment.

Ciao for now!

Sarah xx

ps: I buy the cotton single duvet sets for the kids beds too. Great when you just want a nice colour, but plain set, to pimp with all all our favourite layered quilts and eiderdowns. I’ve got two sets in the light grey.

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