Pimp Your Bed

I do get asked about my bedlinen A LOT. And not just mine either – Tabitha and Marlow’s too. And because I approach their beds in a  very similar to way to mine and Tom’s, I thought I’d combine them in one post. Also, this is the perfect time to ‘pimp up’ your bed and bedlinen, as there are some good discounts around. And if you’re thinking of buying any of the following: duvets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows…) do it now if you can. My favourite places for these basics (but very important basics) are definitely M&S, John Lewis and The White Company. I have also been know to get some amazing bargains from T.K.Maxx.
I love to layer. I love to mix prints – stripes are my absolute favourite on any bed – give me a ticking stripe bedlinen (even just a pillow case) and I’m happy (I’ve wanted a Toast set for years, but have yet to buy one); but I also like tiny floral sprig prints, paisley, and sometimes Ikat style prints too. And I love to mix them all up at once. It also means you never get bored of your bed because you can change it up all the time. The tiniest tweaks can change the overall look. I have striped duvet covers (blue and white) and plain (pale grey and dusky print cotton and linen) which I rotate. I also have plain, white, grey and (dusky, obviously) pink sheets. Never underestimate the joy of a gorgeous sheet – it may be hidden most of the time, but there’s nothing more pleasing (to me anyway, but then I’m easily pleased) than peeling back a gorgeous duvet to reveal an equally gorgeous (mismatched) sheet before slipping into bed.
The trick with mismatched bedlinen is to keep the tones or shades similar – I might mix a blue and white stripe with a grey or a blue print, but they will all be soft tones, nothing bright. Don’t be afraid of mixing colours – for example greys and blues look gorgeous mixed with tobaccos and ochres, particularly for a boy’s room. I guess I just tend to avoid brights in general in my life. In fact, looking around me now, it seems that the only bright things I can see in my home is a pair of shoes. That is is. Not sure what that says about me? Except that I don’t much care for brights!!
These images are a mix of ‘inspirational’ (but all from brands that I love and have mentioned in this post) and things we already have on one of our three beds. I also mix things like pillowcases across both mine and the kids’ beds. I love the La Redoute tassel pillowcases, but I’m not going to lie, the tassels do have a tendency to fall off after a few washes. Very annoying. But seeing as they are pretty cheap and cheerful (and I only buy them on sale), I can live with it.
Oh and I am also a big fan of a quilt or eiderdown – either folded at the end of a bed (ours), or laid flat over the whole bed (Tabitha and Marlow’s). Zara Home always do great ones, but I have also linked a fab one from La Redoute (also great for bedlinen for the whole family – I have bought a lot from there) that is pretty similar to the one on our bed that I bought in Italy on holiday last year. I also love to layer sheepskins on the kids’ beds (the kids love them because the cats love them, so always want to hang out on their beds). I buy them from Ikea (they go in the washing machine). An whilst we’re talking Ikea, this is great too.

Sarah xx

ps: this is the pompom trimmed bedlinen that Tabitha has that I know you all love (and currently 20% off).

pps: also worth mentioning is that my favourite butler’s style tables from The White Company are now on sale. They are SO useful – they make the perfect side table in the sitting room (this is where mine is) , or bedside tables in the bedroom (in our place in Tuscany). I love that they are so simple, yet sturdy. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, this is great too, and also on sale. Just image it with piles of gorgeous books on top…

Bedlinen brands I love

Camomile  London
Caramel London
Cotton & Cologne
Numero 74
Rowen & Wren
Zara Home