T.K.Maxx Home Edit

It’s no secret that I love a bit of TK Maxx. But it’s not the clothes I head straight for (I’ll leave that to my friend Mel – she scores THE best things ever – every time I see her she’s wearing something amazing from there. It’s so annoying!), it’s the home department. I have bought so many great things for our house there over the years. I particularly rate their rugs and their bedlinen. Of course it’s all a bit pot luck as to when you might score a gem, but if you can’t face the trawl (you definitely have to be in the right mood for the rummage), or don’t have a store near you, here’s a little online edit for you. Can I just draw your attention to this GORGEOUS rug (imagine it on white painted floorboards?) for a moment please? There may or may not be one en route to Richmond right now… Just don’t tell friend, Lisa at Edit.58!

Sarah xx