Basket Chic

Laundry baskets | Artisanne

Now you know it’s no secret that I LOVE a basket. If it’s possible to put ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ might be is sort of irrelevant really…) in a basket, I will. And do! Toys, makeup, paperwork, toiletries, colouring pencils, laundry (dirty and clean and everything in between), shoes, summer clothes, tea towels, even the cats… You get the picture. Our house is literally FILLED with them. But that doesn’t mean I am not super-picky about the style and design of said baskets. Believe me, there is a very strict door policy for incoming baskets in this house.
So when the lovely Elizabeth from Artisanne invited me to choose one of their beautiful baskets as a gift, I was absolutely thrilled, because I’d actually been coveting them for quite some time already. I was already a fan of the baskets (so many gorgeous ones to choose from, in all shapes and sizes), but when I learned more about them and how they are designed and made, I loved them even more.

So Artisanne was set up in 2014 by two sisters (Elizabth, based in London, and Emma, who lived in Senegal for six years) after they fell in love with the traditional Senegalese baskets.

The baskets are handwoven by highly skilled women in villages near Thiès in Senegal. Artisanne go directly to the weavers – there are no middlemen – and they now work with over 75 women, having started with just three. The lack of middleman is key to their business, as it ensure the women all earn a regular, fair, and secure income from their products. Elizabeth and Emma visit the villages several times a year, and have a strong relationship with the weavers.Communicating directly with the artisans during these visits enables everyone to discuss concerns and challenges, which is a much-valued priority by all involved, and helps ensure the quality is maintained.

Artisanne cleverly blends traditional Senegalese weaving techniques with modern design to create household storage that ticks both the stylish and practical boxes. The weaving skill is passed from grandmother to granddaughter, and the larger baskets take several days to create.

I absolutely love ours (it’s the smaller one of the pair shown above) – it’s actually in Tabitha’s room and is being used for her and Marlow’s dirty laundry (she has the bigger room). But I love the idea of them for storing toys, or anything that you might not necessarily want ‘on show’ in your bedroom (of course, they would look wonderful anywhere in your house, but I personally love this particular style the most in bedrooms and bathrooms – something about the shape. So chic.) and the quality is fantastic. It really is beautifully made. If you have a little space in your bedroom (we don’t, sadly) I would suggest getting two for your dirty laundry, as I think they look gorgeous in pairs. I would if I could!

Sarah xx