The Prettiest Wash Bag

Now you’re either going to get this or you’re not. I am VERY picky about my wash bag (or is it a ‘toilet bag’? I’ve never been 100% sure about this, but personally I’ve aways favoured ‘wash’ over ‘toilet’. Anyway). Perhaps it’s perhaps I have always travelled so much for work that these things matter to me so much? I don’t know? Anyway, I am very particular about the kind I like, and this is one of the prettiest I have seen. I love that it’s fabric (I always have a little roll of sellotape to stick down any potentially leaky lids), and I love the print. And it’s soft and squishy, so easy to pack. I already have a Bonpoint one (which I believe I shared when I go it? That’s how excited I was!!) that is very similar to this one actually. I think for me, because I do travel a lot, it’s the little things that make the process easier and more pleasurable. Travelling without your family or alone can sometimes be stressful and at times lonely (it can also be like a mini-break – swings and roundabouts…), so for me, having the right things around me brings me a lot of comfort in the simplest of ways. Anyway, just spotted this one, so wanted to share.

Sarah xx

ps: I also have this (no frenzied fumbling around, decanting all my bits and bobs into a flimsy, minuscule plastic bag at airport security for me thank you very much…) for the plane, and it’s brilliant. I have also included a slightly cheaper version below.

pps: I’m also one of those people that always packs a mini candle (I have this set) to have in my hotel room. And yes, it does have to be Diptique.