True Blues…

I popped into The White Company in Westfield on Monday, and immediately fell in love with a new bedlinen collection called St Ives (above). I might be shooting myself in the foot here, but personally I would never buy patterned or printed bedlinen online. It just looks so different in person. And this is no exception. The good part is, it looks so much nicer in reality. It’s blue (this pic makes it look more grey I think…) and has a lovely faded, washed look to it. I am a total sucker for blue and white (together or separately) bedlinen (and always love a stripe) – I like to mix in other prints with mismatched pillowcases. And the one thing that you definitely can’t tell from this picture? That’s it’s possibly the softest bedlinen I have ever touched. Now I am all too aware that this post is starting to sound a bit like a combination of a press release and a paid post, but the truth is, it’s neither. I am a natural ‘gusher’ if I genuinely love something. I just can’t help myself. And I like to share the things I find and love (hence starting a blog in the first place I guess). Plus, people always say to me that The White Company do the softest bedlinen out there. I have pillow cases (yes, indeed super-soft) and a bedspread on my bed (the same one as the one above (in the first pic), but the grey version, this is the new blue version), but surprisingly have never invested in an actual duvet cover or sheets. This is all about to change. I will report back.
Incidentally, this gorgeous bed arrived today (thanks for the inspiration Emma Milne-Watson – it was love at first sight when I saw yours on Instagram). I’m so excited! It’s only the second bed I have ever purchased (well for me to sleep in anyway). I literally cannot wait. And nope, it’s wasn’t a freebie, I bought it using actual money. So there you have it.
And if, like me, you love the whole mismatched bedlinen vibe, I am thinking I will probably mix mine in with something like these, these, and these. I’ll keep you posted.

Sarah xx

ps: and who wouldn’t want a ticking stripe shower curtain??