Cotton muslin bedspread | H&M Home

H&M Home are doing THE best things at the moment!! I have been shopping there for years, but I must say, it’s just rammed with fab things right now. Plus lots more in store than online (I went to the Kingston store today – they had gorgeous blue and cream striped cushions for garden chairs…). How great are these Numero 74-esque (sorry!!) bedspreads? And the larger size would be perfect for a child’s bed if you want that lovely extra bit hanging down over the sides of the bed. They also make brilliant bed covers when it’s too hot for a duvet.
Also fab, folded over at the end of a double bed. And they’re all those perfect ‘off’ shades that I love. I am very tempted to get one for each for Tabitha and Marlow’s rooms.

Sarah xx

ps: these washed linen dressing gowns are great too, and come in a ton of fab colours.