Calendar Cool


Wooden calendar | The Little House Shop

This is a slightly random Sunday post, but I am often asked about the calendar in our kitchen. This is it, and I love it. I also think it looks a lot more expensive that it is. Always a good thing. The kids love it too, and race to get it to it first to change it each morning. So I just thought I’d share it, as it has been out of stock on most websites for quiet some time until now. I also thought it would make a great Christmas present for those ‘no idea what to get them’ people (we all have a couple of those on our lists don’t we??).

Sarah xx

ps: I am currently in Malta, shooting. Yesterday the photigrayjer was wearing this blouse on set and I asked her whether is was Isabal Marant? Nope. Gap! It’s a gorgeous, slightly faded soft back denim, with the tiniest frilled collar. Perfect.