Interiors Week: Tabitha & Marlow’s bedroom

So this week is dedicated to interiors on Little Spree (we’ve even added a new Interiors shop to the site). We’re going to share the kids’ bedrooms, as well as some of our favourite places to shop online for interiors, as well as what we’ve got our eye on at the moment. Today we’re kicking off with Tabitha and Marlow’s room. I have recently re-jigged it, and the first thing I wanted to do was to replace their sweet little Ikea beds (which I loved) with bunk beds, mainly to save a bit of space in their relatively small room. So I started obsessively looking for white iron beds (I really wanted these ones from Restoration Hardware, but they don’t deliver to the UK (and they are pretty pricey), but then could only find alternative ones with horizontal bars, which I didn’t like. I eventually found these (with the help of Lisa at Edit.58) on and couldn’t be more pleased with them. They were a great price, but they did take a few weeks to arrive, but as I wasn’t in a hurry so that was fine. I love what I like to call ‘organised clutter’ in my home – I like lots of ‘things’ around me, but arranged in a kind of deliberately disorganised, (but tidy) way. These wooden storage cubes are a great way of displaying and storing ever-expanding book collections (Tabs and Marlow have so many books, so I bought the Loaf version). You can just buy more and join them. I love a mix and match approach to bedlinen (the same is true of my bed), and La Redoute is great for affordable bedlinen. I also love Zara Home. I love to layer – quilts, sheepskins (the cats love them!), cushions, more quilts… I get bored of the same things, so it’s a great way of changing things up – I don’t always replace, just rotate. I haven’t completely finished their room (I will share again once it’s all done) – there are still some pictures to go up, and some shelves to be added, a rug to be sourced, and an (out of shot) Ikea chest of drawers that needs to go, but it’s almost there. Most of the things I have in their room are featured in the ‘shop the look’ below, but I also recently bought this cute cloud cushion for Marlow’s bed, and the initial prints and personalised hats are from the ever wonderful Edit.58. We also have lots of the little baskets for storing everything from cars to bunnies to knickers (I use them for organising Tabitha’s things in her wardrobe – they are so useful and look so sweet). Just little finishing touches to make their space a cosier, more individual one. It’s not always easy to create a stylish bedroom for a boy and a girl sharing, and poor Marlow does bear the brunt of it sometimes (not that he seems to mind I might add…), but overall I hope I have managed to create somewhere stylish and cosy where they can work, play, sleep, and just chill out with a book sometimes. Compact but bijoux. Oh and for anyone who’s interested (I know many of our Instagram followers were), the colour on the walls is Peignoir by Farrow & Ball. In fact we have in all the bedrooms. I love it.

Sarah xx

ps: La Redoute has one of their not-to-be-missed ‘40% off everything’ sales at the moment, which is such perfect timing as so many things in their room (and indeed, the rest of our house) are from there.


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