Daddy Spree: Father’s Day Gift Ideas


1. Orlebar Brown Linen Shirt £165.00
2. How It Works: The Dads £3.49
3. Les Jouets Libres Chess Set £19.07
4. Scalextric Micro James Bond Set £39.99
5. Tom Ford Lip Balm £20.00
6. J.Crew Messanger Bag £98.00
7. Waddington Cashmere-Blend Socks £40.00

Don’t panic, you still have a few weeks to go until Father’s Day (it’s on 19th June). As with most thoughtful gifts, a little planning goes a long way, and in this case avoids that last minute dash for a pair of novelty socks. The Little Spree Daddies, whilst similar in character, have quite different interests, so we thought by asking them both for ideas there would be something for everyone. Top of Russell’s list is the (brilliantly portable) chess set (I actually bought it for Bailey for Christmas but he loves it because it’s something they often play together). The 007 Micro-Scalextric set is a close second (perfect it you don’t have much space and/or want something quick to put together). I very much approve of all the other pieces he chose, although the ‘Dad’ book is actually my idea and is really more to amuse me (if you haven’t discovered the Ladybird books for grown-ups yet, they’re hilarious).

Nicky xx

Fathers Day Gift Idea - Little Spree

1. Brunswick Records T-shirt £11.97
2. Oliver Bonas Father’s Day Card £2.75
3. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses £125.00
4. Mexico: The Cookbook £13.99
5. Oliver Bonas Mug £12.95
6. John Lewis Holmes Leather Hold-All £189.00
7. Denham Argent Twill Workwear Blazer £145.00

These things are a combination of ‘tried and tested’ and ‘wish list’ items, i.e. things that Tom already has (and loves – 1, 3, 4, 5), or things I know he wants or will love. Tom lived in Mexico City as a child, and we both love Mexican food (plus Tom, unlike me, loves to cook). Tabitha and Marlow chose this book for him for his birthday back in March and he loves it. The cute mug (again a present chosen by Tabarlow the same birthday) was a hit too. He’s never far from his classic Wayfarers, and this card couldn’t be more perfect for this music loving Daddy. And the bag? Not as random as it may seem. I bought Tom a gorgeous Mulberry leather satchel style bag (it was the original bag that the ‘Alexa’ bag was based on), which he had for many years, then sadly lost. This hold-all, although not a work bag, will be the perfect bag for short jaunts to Italy and romantic mini-breaks that haven’t actually been planned yet! And it will get better with age – it will look fab once it’s all beaten up ad worn in. Oh, and talking of those funny Ladybird books – I bought Tom The Book of the Hipster for Christmas and it had us both in hysterics!

Sarah xx

ps:  as both Russell and myself served in the Armed Forces in a previous life, I wanted to mention ‘Little Troopers’ charity which supports children with parents serving in the military. Until 19th June Notonthehighstreet are donating 10% of the sales of a selection of Father’s Day gift experiences to the charity; we particularly like the ‘hula like a pro’, kite making, and secret walking tours (which Russell and Bailey have done). It’s lovely way to have fun and support children who will be separated from their Daddy on 19th June. NHC x