Daddy Spree: The Gift Guide

1. Oliver Spencer Lux Wool Scarf, £70.00
2. Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard, £386.61-£450.00
3. Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monitor, £107.45
4. Thinking Fast And Slow, £4.63
5. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, From £51.38
6. Nuxe Men After Shave Balm, £18.48
7. Tom Ford Noir Extreme, £58.22

Watching Bailey learn to snowboard is magical. Knowing that he will soon be quicker than me is humbling. Given my snowboard is now 10 years old with bashes, scratches and a the odd chunk missing, I figure I need technology on my side so I’ve been spending some time (a lot) researching how I might maintain some dignity whilst trying to keep up with a five year old. The answer seems to be the new, lighter and quicker Burton Custom Flying V model (a best seller for 20 years, who am I to argue with public opinion?). I know I don’t actually need new binding but they were right there, next to the snowboards (a male version of window shopping?) so if you’re interested, these Burton bindings are a great buy too.
I’m afraid the other items in my wish list aren’t novel, but are either things I already own and love or things I think other Daddys might enjoy –  like these Stan Smiths, I take mini-me moments with Bailey where I can (he has a cute mini version of them). Next up: running (I’ve tried and tested this Mio Alpha 2 running watch) and shaving (this Nuxe post shave balm really works). Nicky  and I both like ‘Tom Ford Noir Extreme’ aftershave (it started off as mine that but I know (and like) that she wears it sometimes). Finally, if you’re looking for a great read ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ is a fascinating insight into how we think by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.

A Merry and mindful Christmas to you all.


Daddy Spree Gift T

1. Olive Trilby Hat, £20.00
2. M&S Cable Knit Sweater, £39.50
3. A Brief History Of Killing, From £3.79
4. The Road, From £4.68
5. Jigsaw Cotton Shirt, £69.00
6.  Herschel Supply Co. Backpack, £55.00
7. Serpico, From £3.16

1. Hat: éminence grise.
2. Jumper: style over cashmere content.
3.  ‘Seven Killings’: OK, so I have actually read 4 and 7. Looking forward to this one though!
4. ‘The Road’: Russell recommended this to me. Bleaker than Boxing Day, but lightened-up by the best description of a father-son bond I know of (and an attuned sense of how children speak and think).
5. Shirt: June Carter might have picked this out for Johnny Cash.
6. Backpack: because my stalwart EastPak has seen better days.
7. ‘Serpico’: You know what, there probably were scarier times to work in the public sector…

Merry Christmas.

Tom (Daddy to Tabitha and Marlow)