Joe’s (Brand Director at Grenson) Christmas Wish List

  1. Vest | J.Crew
  2. Water jug | Arket
  3. Insoles | Grenson
  4. Boots | Grenson
  5. Clay: Contemorary Ceramic Artisans | Amazon
  6. Gloves | Arket
  7. T-shirt | Grenson
  8. Socks | Kapital
  9. Glasses | Arket
  10. Glass | Arket
  11. Wine | M&S
  12. Brutal London | Amazon

Very flattered to be asked for the 2nd year in a row for my Christmas wish list! Here’s what I chose…

Joe xx

ps: it’s our Christmas Party coming up and another year of Secret Santa. I feel like each year we do it, the competition hots up! This is my choice this year.

  1. Really like these Winter vests as waistcoats, as they can easily be worn under a coat.

2. See 9.

3. And here is something to go inside them (see 4.) to keep you feet even warmer. Perfect if, like me, you are often watching your kids from the side of a football pitch on the weekend.

4. I couldn’t do a wish list without including a pair of the shoes/boots from Grenson. These are called Joseph and are based on an old Army boot. This pair is in the tan hand painted leather, but they’re also available in other colourways.

5. We recently spent a amazing weekend at Heckfield Place in Hampshire. The hotel is full of the most beautiful art and ceramics. It inspired my wife who is now signed up to Pottery course!

6. These gloves are hand made in Sweden and I like them as they are lined with lambs wool they come in a few colours and are not crazy expensive.

7. Sadly, last December I lost my best friend. It was very sudden and a big loss. Not just me but everyone that knew him, including Sarah. He was one of the funniest, caring and creatively clever people I have known. Before he died, Tim who I work with, had asked Al to work on a small project designing some versions of the Grenson logos, just to see what he would come up with. The result was perfect, and we launched the t-shirts with the  last week to celebrate Al’s talent. For all of the people that knew Al he would talk endlessly about wanting to start a t-shirt brand. In fact, it was one of the last things we spoke about the last time I saw him. 10% of all the proceeds will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

8. With my job I’m lucky enough to travel to Japan,  and this year we exhibited some photographs by the amazing Martin Parr, who we asked to come to our factory in Northampton and take some pictures. The brief was simple – there was no brief! Out of the 80 or so pictures he took we chose 10 and decided to show them in Japan for Fashion week, along with our latest collection. I was asked by one of my friends to hunt down a coat by Kapital a fantastic Japanese brand, after getting lost a few times we final found the stores and it didn’t disappoint. I found the coat for my friend and also spotted these socks and they made me smile.

9. We are in the process of doing up our Kitchen at home, and whilst packing up everything we realised we don’t actually have any glasses that match! I really like these from Arket (in fact I also like the Bodega glasses, and the water jug as well).

10. See 9.

11. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my wife’s folks and these days order most of the food online – The Mixed Wine case is ideal present for me as Im the one that drinks the most! We then pack up the car and head off to my parents in Dorset so could send the case as a present in advance!

12. This is an other book that’s on my Amazon wish list!