Tom & Russell’s Christmas Wish Lists – What They Really Want


  1. Lock & Co Wool-Felt Trilby, £115.00
    2. Hunter Original Rubberised Hunting Coat, £275.00
    3. Mango 100% Cashmere Scarf, £59.99
    4. Superstar By John Holt £30.00
    5. Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans, £39.90
    6. Jigsaw Wool & Cashmere Ribbed Jumper, £119.00
    7. Happy Socks Optic Socks, £8.00
    8. Kill ‘Em And Leave by James Brown, £20.00
    9. Beams Plus Cotton Cap, £60.00

We’ll be christmassing in the U S of A (“hey country, you didn’t say what you meant”), way, way upstate New York where Granny lives, so plenty of winter warmers here. Not least ‘Bring It On Home To Me’ on the John Holt LP (shout out to Peckings, Askew Road, Shepherds Bush: a pint-sized record shop that’s short on opening hours, but long on beautiful music). Nice to find a glint of red (the socks) in the Little Spree men’s Christmas gift shop: no one likes dressing only for the clampdown (blue and brown). We shall seasonably overcome.




  1. Anatomy Of A Soldier, £6.49
  2. Cos Wool Zip-Up Cardigan, £59.00
  3. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, £17.00
  4. John Lewis Cashmere Ribbed Beanie, £37.00
  5. Aesop ‘The Intrepid Gent Grooming Kit’, £65.00
  6. Amos Lee, Spirit, £13.95
  7. M&S 2 Pairs Wool Thermal Socks, £10.00
  8. An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth, £6.81
  9. Jigsaw Relaxed Flannel Trousers, £119.00

I never thought my Christmas list would contain face products, but that’s probably because I never thought about getting old. Apparently I have, and if your other half feels they have too, these Aesop products will help to keep ‘Father Time’ at bay. Whilst I’m not quite ready for a pipe and slippers, I do like to wear a nice pair of woolly socks as I settle down with a good book. Here are my top two recommendations for 2016: the first is a reminder of my time in Iraq, told in an incredibly ingenious and viscerally powerful way. The second is a reminder (in the year that we had a UK astronaut in space) of what it takes to get there. I don’t want to give the game away, but it includes practising ‘Rocketman’ just in case Elton John invites you up on stage. Back on Earth, Amos Lee’s latest album is presently playing in our car and I never seem to tire of it. And finally, a cardigan, woolly trousers (follow the ageing theme here please) and  something soft and warm to cover any slightly greys spots on top…

Merry Christmas to you all.